February 25th, 2007


Порекламлю пакистанского товарища

На youtube.com наткнулся на тов. Umer, пакастанца-коммуниста. Он на гора выдал парочку ссылок, которые могут оказаться интересными для знающих английский язык:

My Red Diary
I have created this blog in order to scribble down my thoughts arising from my study of Marxism-Leninism. I hope that this blog will encourage debates and discussions on varius issues that concern our world, and raise our understanding of Marxism-Leninism, which provides us with the requisite tools to breath sense into the changing political, social, and economic realities.

Communist Workers & Peasants Party
The CMKP list is a Marxist-Leninist email list with more than 2,500 members to discuss politics in Pakistan in the international context. The email list is open minded, educational and open to informed opinion. The fact that people in Pakistan are questioning and seeking ways of changing the status quo is reflective of the wider political trends in the world at large. Trends that perhaps our own society would benefit learning from. The CMKP list offers us precisely this opportunity of linking the various struggles in various parts of the world with the struggle in our own otherwise quite parochial society. Joining the list is the beginning of globalization from below.

Soviet Belarus  - Socialism Lives!
This group is dedicated to the defense of the Byelorussian people's right to self determination of their political and social course of development. Communists and Socialists who support comrade Lukashenko and the Soviet system in Belarus, and oppose the establishment of the "Globalism" of the Western imperialists are welcome to join our group. Non-Communists/Socialists who are interested in learning the truth about what is going on in Belarus are also welcome.

This is a group for admirers of Stalin everywhere. Non-sectarian and undogmatic, this group will seek to promote historical, theoretical and political discussions around this great figure of the 20th century.

Ana Lucia Gelabert

Антивоенные и антиимпериалистические рисунки кубинско-американской политической заключенной, отбывающей два пожизненных заключения в одной из тюрем Техаса с 1984 года. Ей - 61 год и, не имея никаких предыдущих судимостей, ее бы уже давно выпустили, если бы не политическая природа ее осуждения...

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