November 11th, 2007



The Tragedy of Lithuania

The previously unpublished materials from Russian archives shock even 60 years after the events. Death seems to be a happy deliverance when contemplating the sufferings and torture that the innocent citizens of Lithuania had to endure during the years of the Nazi occupation. Reading the evidence of the eyewitnesses one understands why people would ask for death in order to stop the monstrous torture and insult they were subjected to. Not only the hated Soviet and party functionaries who were “guilty” of establishing the Soviet regime in Lithuania, not only the Jews who are always “guilty” of everything for the mere reason of being Jewish, but also the Polish, clergy, people with mental disorders, old people, and babies – all of them were totally eliminated. Lithuania was turned into a factory of death”. The documents in this collection constitute a mere fraction of the wealth of material found in the archives of Russia, Lithuania, Germany and other countries.

Latvia Under the Nazi Yoke

Historical memory is short-lived. Half a century passed since that time when the mantra of «Never again should it be repeated» resounded across the countries of anti-Hitler coalition. Today we see the hangmen and murderers being hailed as national heroes. The cutthroats of the police battalions «Waffen-SS» who were qualified by the International Nuremberg Tribunal as criminals are presented to the young generation of democratic Latvia as fighters for freedom and independence. What really happened in Latvia between 1941 and 1944? What was the Latvian Volunteer SS Legion and how it was formed, what were the veritable activities of the «Arais detachment», how did Aizsargi perform and how spotless is the record of the Legionnaires? These and many other questions are answered in the present collection of archive documents – «The White Book» on Latvia during the fascist occupation.

Estonia: The bloody trace of nazism

In the present-day Estonia, statements are being persistently circulated to the effect that during World War II, Estonian soldiers serving in the Wehrmacht did not take part in punitive actions against the population and had nothing whatsoever to do with executions of civilians and the Holocaust. These claims are made not only by the Estonian combatants and young neo-Nazis, proclaiming slogans hardly fit for a country that has been accepted to the European Union, but also high-ranking officials, including Estonia's ex-president Arnold Rüütel, following suit. According to the official position of the Estonian politicians, Estonians wearing German uniform were fighting for the freedom of Estonia only in their own territory and only against the Soviets, doing all they could in order to "lay the foundation for the continuation of resistance that brought about the restoration of Estonian independence decades later". Lies can sometimes be rather refined but this one is a crude lie that is refuted by documents collected in this book. The documents speak for themselves and need no commentaries.

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Мы, подписавшие эту петицию, осуждаем судебное преследование по политическим мотивам руководителей Венгерской Коммунистической Рабочей партии.

Суд по делу ВКРП, проходящий в городе Секешфехервар, нарушает элементарные демократические и гражданские права и представляет собой возмутительное вмешательство правительства во внутренние дела официально признанной политической партии. Это ставит под сомнение право граждан на свободное выражение своего мнения и является попыткой ликвидировать существенную политическую силу в Венгрии. Это серьезное ущемление демократических свобод не может не беспокоить всех прогрессивных людей. Мы являемся свидетелями очередного шага на пути общеевропейского антикоммунистического и  антидемократического наступления крупного капитала, который помимо прочего подкармливает самые реакционные и националистические тенденции в ЕС.

Мы требуем у венгерских властей проявить уважение к конституционным и гражданским правам и свободам всех граждан; уважать свободу слова и свободу создания союзов и организаций; немедленно остановить судебное преследование руководства ВКРП и воздержаться от любого вмешательства, которое нарушает ее внутреннюю жизнь и независимость.

Мы требуем немедленно принять необходимые меры, чтобы прекратить все ограничения и запреты на политическую деятельность коммунистов.

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